New Internet Media (NIM) Group

New Internet Media (NIM) is emerging as one of the “new” technology companies’ supporting the creative communities on the Internet. We are very glad for the press release from SKAP (Sweden’s organisation for Composers and Songwriters) supporting NIM’s innovative technology for music and culture.

“Music creators need real influence. We got tired a long time ago of companies that promised the earth and the moon to Sweden’s and the world’s authors, even though they had clearly entered the music industry to get fast cash. The time for the eye servant is over. It is now time for real innovation for a sustainable music industry – and indeed, for a sustainable planet”, says SKAP’s Chairman Alfons Karabuda.

NIM has developed a technology solution putting the interests of creators first. NIM is updating the existing model of copyright and royalties transfer and making it much more efficient.

NIM is not a disruptive operation. It’s a force of disintermediation.

NIM is making “More money, faster – to the copyright owners” by helping music creators take control of the revenue streams their musical works create and thus generate income with the author at the control table.

NIM founded Internet Media Foundation (IMF) in Brussels, where creators actively participate and controls that royalties transactions are managed safely, transparently and effectively.

Newsletter and Press release SKAP

Which led to an article in a Swedish music magazine

What has New Internet Media accomplished that others have not done?

– New Internet Media is an innovative fintech company that like the systems for e.g. Credit cards ensure that money travels safely, quickly and accurately from buyer to seller. As it looks now in our music industry, the journey for the money can take several years before they arrive and then unfortunately too often to the wrong “seller” (author).

– With NIM, it happens in real time to your digital wallet and through new ways of using so-called smart contracts (NFT / Non Fungible Token) with legislation that enables NFT registration of your musical copyright, many exciting opportunities open up.

Article in Music Industrin (Swedish)