In the same way as with your email addresses, it is possible to transmit one of your addresses Ethereum in order to receive ethers. An Ethereum address looks like a string of alphanumeric characters. Knowing the address [email protected] does not allow you to access the mailbox, nor to send e-mails from it, just as it is not possible to access funds or to carry out outgoing transactions simply thanks to the Ethereum address. In order to be able to access the mailbox [email protected], you need the password linked to this address, which can be assimilated to the private key linked to the Ethereum address (see Private key). In Ethereum there are user account addresses as well as addresses of smart-contracts. Both use the same format, in hexadecimal, and look like 0x9f8F72aA9304c8B593d555F12eF6589cC3A579A2. Ethereum addresses always start with 0x.