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January 2017

Guy Fletcher – Man of Music…

A well-deserved tribute to Guy as chairman of PRS for music as he is stepping down. Today his last day as chairman. Monday, he is officially Executive chairman of Internet Music – the digital “equivalent” of PRS for music. The whole article is about his journey in music, concluding with the future: Recent years have seen some additional challenges for the collecting society, with PRS marking its centenary year in 2014 and moving location to its new King’s Cross offices. ‘Life has changed for PRS in the last six years probably more than any other time in its history,’ he notes. ‘We’ve moved from Berners Street, where we’d been since 1960, [...]

November 2016

Owners of 7 billion $ wanted – missing in the back catalogues.

The principle of global copyright management on behalf of music creators has been with us for over 150 years. Beginning in 1850 with SACEM in France, there are now 225 collection societies in 118 countries. The global music market, whilst dominated by Anglo-American repertoire requires bilateral, reciprocal agreements between ALL societies and an extremely complex set of rules and regulations in order to manage revenues from so many territories, each driven by local tariffs and legal frameworks.The digital revolution has brought us an infinite choice of content, a massive choice of platforms and the ability for creators and music businesses to function without borders.The public has seized the opportunity to access [...]

Registration – Release and Licensing.

The music industry continues to grapple with the world of digital commerce and appears to be struggling to make sense of it. …. It is extremely difficult for composers and songwriters to make a living. Old industry conventions, based on the monetising of performing and mechanical rights have remained unchanged for many decades. In the online world, there is a massive creative workforce writing and producing pop recordings for the new global audience for whom these old business models simply DO NOT WORK. INTERNET MUSIC can provide a simple and direct route to the online market thereby maximising the income due to music right owners. By eliminating the middlemen and collecting societies in addition [...]

Rebooting the music industry…

It's time to be serious. I have since 2006 carried a dream - all creators of music should get fully paid for their work. In 2006 I called it (when first defined) "The digital clearing house" today it's called Internet Music and under Internet Music Now we will over the next year invite everybody with their own copyright to join the not-for-profit organisation Internet Music (now) starting early 2017. We have been building the services since 2010 and for the last 20 months we have concentrated on the distributed ledger services and technology (aka block-chain). I have had countless discussion and defining talks with major and central profiles in the music [...]