NIM is the administration hub for
the CopyrightChains ecosystem
Proactively on the lookout
for partners and investors...

Operational status


1st July 2018
The ICO launched with 150 million CopyrightCoins (CCIM) available, the ICO will run for 365 days and are offered at 1 Euro = 1 CCIM.
The Waves  DEX launched early July in version 1.0.0 and CCIM are publicly trading.
Trade in CCIM

CopyrightCoins Newsroom

1st July 2018
The purpose of the CopyrightCoins Newsroom is primary to showcase the use of CopyrightCoins (CCIM) in a real environment where creativity is rewarded and paid in CopyrightCoins according to popularity.
Secondary it's a Newsroom for marketing purposes and to keep owners of CopyrightCoins updated on our progress.
Which is why we also pay for social media shares and retweets as well as comments.

NIM administration hub

6 March 2016
New Internet Media (NIM) is the commercial holding company and administrative hub for the entire ecosystem. It hosts the project’s core team and it is the main cost centre. NIM also owns the intellectual property of the developed software and infrastructure.
NIM is the holder of all “smart contracts” (copyright management). A set of rules that define who gets paid which amount under which conditions.


Alpha - 1st October 2018
The first trial has been conducted with Guy Fletcher and Dough Flett's "Fallen angel" as the first Musical Works registered on the CopyrightChains with CopyrightID: ByAsaSDCeQ8R4hA7DBjZw3D
A total CopyrightShares of 1000000 with a 25/25/50 split...
Check out the registration

Licensing and transactions

Alpha - 1st November 2018
CopyrightsChain supports time-stamping, immutability, and secure decentralized storage of large sets of data from CopyrightID details (including ISWC and ISRC), to royalty transaction references.
The CopyrightID is the unique identifier any DSP (Spotify, Netflix, Financial Times etc.) relates to. CopyrightID is always used in any licensing request from a DSP upon which a royalty payment in CopyrightCoins are divided among registered CopyrightShare holders according to the copyright smart contract.

Meet the Team

The New Internet Media team is the main support and resource hub for the CopyrightChains ecosystem and as such we proactively choose the best and most experienced people we can find.
This gives us an unfair advantage -  our networks...

Thor Pettersen

Founder and executive chairman
Blockchain enthusiast with history and passion for disruptive and disintermediate solutions in the music industry.
Replacing paper proof with digital proof - more money, faster to copyright owners...
First to (legally) put music on mobile phones in June 2004 and integrate music in a social network (Microsoft IM) with partners Sony Music/BMG and Microsoft MSN
Thor has since 2013 developed, built and executed Internet Media Group.
Now launching a finTech solution for Copyright owners.
With a different and regulated ICO/Crowdsale of CopyrightCoins – the currency of royalties!
CopyrightCoins ICO

Guy Fletcher, OBE

Music advisor and chairman
of partner Internet Music ltd

Brian Scholfield

Group CFO

Thibault Verbiest

Group Secretary General

Nick Kounoupias

Chief International
Copyright lawyer

Tom Bradley

Major Music Publishing

Richard Platt

Film and Video programming

Dick Nyvall

Advisor and
trademark /patent expert
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