New Internet Media Holding ou

The holding company holds all Intellectual Property, Trademarks, ideas and software rights as well as owns a majority stake of the commercial companies in the New Internet Media Group.

All of whitch can be divided into the following major services.


Currency trading

Decentralised and anonymous.
No middle man.
No difficult registration procedures.
Funds are stored safely
in your wallet, not on the exchange.
Unlimited withdrawal limits for crypto.
Trading of any pairs.

NIM Transactions

Transfer of royalties

Collects licensing fee (aka royalties) from DSPs (Digital Service Providers) in CopyrightCoins (CCIM)
Transfer fees directly to Copyright Owners CCIM wallet
Keeping an immutable record over all transactions, from DSPs to wallet(s) for content (identified by CopyrightID)

NIM Registration

trading of copyright shares

Registration of Copyrighted content identified by CopyrightID
Registration of shareholders in Copyrights identified by CopyrightShares
Trading of CopyrightShares in a secondary market

NIM admin hub

partners and IPR

Keeper of all source code, IPR and trademarks.
Licensing source code to “Not-for-profit” partners like IMCA with CopyrightCoins
Support and community for all partners like Internet Music etc

Keeper of all source code, IPR and trademarks.
Licensing source code to “Not-for-profit” partners like IMCA with CopyrightCoins
Support and community for all partners like Internet Music etc.

New Internet Media Nordic

New Internet Media Nordic is responsible for all WLCM partners in the Nordic region.

At NIM we firmly believe that a regulated registration and trading of copyright is the way forward.
A publicly regulated and transparent registration process for copyrights and intellectual property rights – much like the regulated registration of companies and trading of company stock functions today.
NIM is working on a parliamentarian level in different countries to get registration and trading of copyrights regulated.
NIM Nordic is the architect behind the Swedish motion for regulated registration of Copyright (sorry, in Swedish)
You can see a rough translation in our newsroom
A Copyright registration places on record a verifiable account of the date and content of the work in question so that in the event of a legal claim, or case of infringement or plagiarism, the copyright owner can produce an accurate copy of provenance from a reliable source.

Core team


Thor Pettersen


Worked with music and TV industries in Scandinavia and England for two decades.
Defined and lead the development of CopyrightChains – a scalable private blockchain now ready for deployment.
Thor founded, funded and executed New Internet Media (NIM) group in 2013 with public launch 21st December 2014. NIM is now commercially ready.


Guy Fletcher, OBE, FRSA

Man of music

A respected songwriter since the sixties. Recordings of Guy’s songs by Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Ray Charles, Frankie Valli, Joe Cocker and many other international stars have ensured his place in British pop history. Guy was appointed an OBE by Her Majesty the Queen in 2005 for services to British music and on January 1st 2011 he was elected Chairman of PRS for music.


Dick Nyvall

Operational manager

Dick has an in-depth skill set regarding business modelling and corporate efficiency.
Getting it right from the start is mission critical.
Dick’s business processing skills and ability to prioritize can be an integral success factor for any start-up or established business venturing into a new competitive landscape.


Thibault Verbiest

General secretary

Thibault is a Fintech and blockchain lawyer currently Partner DS Avocats
where he heads up their Fintech and Blockchain practise.
Expert World Bank
Advisor European Blockchain Observatory
Venture Partner Blackfin Tech
Writer and lecturer