New Internet Media Group

New Internet Media (NIM) leads an ecosystem of companies to reboot rights administration for digital content.

The ecosystem is built on the CopyrightChains blockchain and its cryptocurrency CopyrightCoins®, removing intermediaries and making nano-payments possible.

More money, faster – to copyright owners…

Leasing of Copyrights

The creative industries are severely undervalued in its monetization. Copyright owners are outsourcing the administration and collection of their royalties into mostly outdated and inefficient system where up to 60% of their revenues do not reach its owners or investors.

NIM with its efficient royalties’ collection can offer investments in copyrights through audited copyrights catalogues with a probable average of 15% ROI and a potential of 38% ROI or more. Royalties will be sent to the “Investors” account until the “investment” is paid back in full plus royalties during any reminder of the investment period (ROI period between 48 and 6 months)

White Label

NIM has created the The White Label Content Mesh (WLCM).
The content meshes stitches together content systems in a modern development environment while optimising website delivery for performance.
With the introduction of the White Label Content Mash (WLCM), we are giving (again starting with music) the DSPs as well as the Copyright and Content owners an easy and well-defined interface. Content owners can register content with provenance and DSPs can access fully licenced content and easily pay royalties.
The content owners get their royalties, more and faster. And the DSPs can concentrate on marketing and the end-user. Without the WLCM, the DSPs are hard pressed to make a profit.


In Bitcoin and Ethereum the transaction fees are so high that micropayments — small and frequent payments — are entirely infeasible. Currently, buying a coffee with Bitcoin would require paying a transaction fee that might be more than the coffee itself. Blockchain desperately needs infrastructure.

This is not the case with CopyrightChains that operates with nano-payments that is entirely free from fees within the ecosystem. I.e. transfer of royalties (ROY) from one account to another is free.

However, the transaction of royalties from DSPs (Digital Service Providers) to Copyright owners is currently incurring a fixed transaction fee of 1.5%.